Active Listening

Active listening is a fundamental concept that must be used by all health professionals and patients alike to ensure the upmost satisfaction of the patient and their safety. Active listening is a process by which an individual attentively listens to another person and by responding it shows a mutual understanding SELRES_cb5e4bd7-c22c-4fd7-84e7-d34a26a77b48(SELRES_e0e695c8-a4f2-4364-b6d9-e8163313a909University of Colorado, 2013SELRES_3dec6a89-39f8-41b3-a714-062ca8204246)SELRES_3dec6a89-39f8-41b3-a714-062ca8204246. By doing this, I am able to entirely comprehend the meanings and thoughts of my patient, delivering exactly what they need and overall improving their health. If I show that I am actively attentive, it will leave the other health professionals in my care team or my patient feeling more understood, satisfied, comfortable and feeling safe allowing them to open up more and share what they’re feeling SELRES_dcebf991-ad2c-4dee-bfb3-75df64393c4e(Harry Weger et al, 2014)SELRES_dcebf991-ad2c-4dee-bfb3-75df64393c4e

The article “The Relative Effectiveness of Active Listening in Initial Interactions” has helped me to understand the importance of active listening as a Podiatrist. It has become evident to me that with active listening, comes a successful relationship between patients and others in the health care team. Hence it is vital for me to be an active listener and understand my patients and the needs of others to prevent any harm, physically or psychologically.

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